Castle III: 107-111 E 123rd Street

The New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development (“HPD” or “Applicant”) is seeking approval of a series of actions to facilitate the construction of a new 15-
story building containing a total of approximately 81 affordable housing units, plus one superintendent’s unit, and community facility space (“Proposed Development”). The site is located at 107-111 East 123rd Street, Block 1772, Lots 4, 7 and 8 (“Development Site”) in the East Harlem neighborhood of Community District 11 in Manhattan.

The proposed actions (“Proposed Actions”) include:

  1. Designation of an Urban Development Action Area (“UDAA”), approval of an Urban Development Action Area Project (“UDAAP”);
  2. Disposition of City-owned property; and
  3. Zoning special permit pursuant to Zoning Resolution (“ZR”) §74-903. The proposed special permit would modify ZR §24-111 to allow the maximum
    community facility floor area ratio (“FAR”) of up to 6.5 to be applied to a nonprofit institution with sleeping accommodations.

Community Board comments and recommendations should be submitted by November 8, 2021.


Application materials