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The 2019 Charter Commission held public hearings in September 2018 and solicited amendment proposals throughout the fall and winter.  In late January, Commissioners identified a set of Focus Areas to study in more depth. The Commission then held expert forums in February and March to engage legal experts, scholars, non-profit leaders, and current and former city agency heads in discussion about the proposed changes to our City’s framework.

Focus Areas:

Fall Hearing Recap:

Fall Hearings and Spring Expert Forum recordings:

Next Steps

In April 2019, the Preliminary Staff Report, outlining the ideas that staff recommends the Commission further consider and solicit more detailed proposals about, was released.  The report highlights important questions and policy considerations that require additional stakeholder input.

** This means there is still a meaningful opportunity for communities to play a role in the development of the proposals they will vote on in November 2019. **

Following the report’s release, the Commission will hold its second round of public hearings to solicit feedback on the staff recommendations and the questions raised in the report.  Feedback and specific proposals can also be submitted by email to, as well as through our website portal:

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Preliminary Staff Report (April 2019)

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