Citywide Hotels Text Amendment

On May 3, 2021, the Department of City Planning referred out the Citywide Hotels Text Amendment (N
210406 ZRY), beginning the public review process.

The special permit would newly require a CPC special permit for new hotels and enlargements where
hotels are permitted as-of-right today: C1, C2, C4, C5, C6, C8, Mixed Use (MX), and paired M1/R districts.
The proposed CPC special permit would replace existing CPC special permits for new hotels in the special
purpose districts. The special permit for hotels in M1 manufacturing districts would retain its findings that
are specific to light industrial areas.

The proposed zoning text amendment would affect every community district within the City, since all
community districts contain zoning districts that currently permit as-of-right hotel development, either in
the form of commercial (C) districts or mixed-use (MX) districts. In addition, since changes to
discontinuance provisions described below may apply to existing hotels that are closed on the date of
enactment and could apply in all districts, including residence districts, citywide, the action has the
potential to affect all community districts.

Additional information on the proposal is available on the Department of City Planning’s

The Department of City Planning is referring this application to the affected Community Boards for 60 days.

Community Board comments should be submitted by July 12, 2021.


Application materials

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