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District Needs & Budget

The District Needs and Budget committee “shall further the Board’s business by conducting the initial review of the budget for the City of New York, as required pursuant to Chapter 10 of the Charter. Such Committee may, in order to further the Committee’s purpose, consult with the Members, liaise with Committees, coordinate with the Staff, draft proposed responses to various New York City requests, examine documents issues by the Office of Management and Budget and the City Council, and take any other actions it deems necessary to further the interests of the District”.


The Community District Needs Process (DCP) The Department of City Planning provides resources, including training sessions, to support community boards in the preparation and submission of needs statements and budget requests.

Mayor’s Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Publications Page. Visit this page to view budget documents, including the most recent register of Community Board budget requests.

New York City Budget Cycle (OMB)

Mayor’s Management Report (MMR)mandated by the City Charter, shows how each City agency and related projects are doing and allows for year-over-year comparisons. The MMR is released twice a year. The Preliminary Mayor’s Management Report (PMMR) provides an early update of how the City is performing four months into the fiscal year. The full-fiscal MMR, published each September, looks retrospectively at the City’s performance during the prior fiscal year.

The City Budget – NYC Council

The Road for Adopting New York City’s BudgetThis brouchure produced by the NYC Indepedent Budget Office is roadmap to how the city sets its spending priorities.
New York City’s housing and neighborhoods data hub, presented by the NYU Furman Center. The interactive data and mapping tool standardizes over 20 datasets from a variety of city, state, and federal sources to present over 100 indicators on New York City’s housing and neighborhoods.

Committee Chair:
Stephanie Arroyo


Staff Liaison:
Angel Mescain

Presentation Requests

Complete a Request for Committee Presentation Form and submit it to the staff liaison.