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1. Call to Order – Adoption of Agenda

2. Informational Updates

3. Presentations & Discussions

a. Continuing discussion on HPD’s proposed new regulatory agreement for Housing Development Fund Corporations (HDFCs)

i. Hally Chu, MBPO

b. Discussion on HDFC task force

c. Review and discussion on FY 2018 Preliminary Budget

d. Committee discussion on Goals for 2017 & Accomplishments in 2016

e. Discussion on proposed NYCHA town hall

f. Discussion on MNN live stream CBTV broadcast

4. Old Business

5. New Business

6. Announcements

7. Adjournment

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East Harlem Rezoning Taskforce


  • Welcome Taskforce
  • Discuss timeline
  • Review goals of the committee
  • Discuss personal concerns from the taskforce members about the EH rezoning.
  • Presentation of the difference between the EH neighborhood plan and DCP’S plan.
  • Identify areas that the taskforce can help engage and educate our board and community.
  • Are there community groups that can assist with visual demonstrations?
  • Next Steps
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