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Environment, Open Space & Parks

1. Call to Order- Adoption of the Agenda

2. Presentations & Discussions

a. Request for a letter of support for Randall’s Island Living Shore Recreation Area.
Due to objections from DEC regarding handling of soil containing non-hazardous levels of Mercury, Lead and Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons that exceed “restricted residential” targets, the project is changing from one which demonstrates adaptation to coastal dynamics, including sea level rise.
The project is now a demonstration of on-site ways to lower soil contamination to meet cleanup targets. We propose to use methods that use plants and microorganisms to break down, extract, or immobilize typical urban contaminants (Phytoremediation) (20).

i. Marcha Johnson, Landscape Architect, NYC Parks

b. Informational presentation on the Panorama Festival, Randall’s Island, July 22-24, 2016 (10).

i. Vincent Nardone, Festival Coordinator, and Kyle Casey, Festival Director, AEG Live

c. Committee discussion on a draft petition for “Richard Touissant Way” in Harlem River Park (10).

d. Committee discussion of FY18 Statement of District Needs and Budget Priorities (20).

3. Informational Updates

4. Continuing Business

5. New Business

a. Policy Update

6. Announcements

7. Adjournment

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