Land Use, Landmarks & Planning

1. Call to Order – Adoption of Agenda

2. Informational Updates

3. Presentations & Discussions

a. Presentation on Land Use Application Nos. N190326 ZCM, N190316 ZCM, N190290 ZCM (15 mins)

Applicant seeks joint certification by the MTA New York City Transit Authority and the City Planning Commission as to whether or not a transit easement volume is required at the following properties: 1800 Park Avenue, 1815 Park Avenue and 110 East 125th Street

b. Informational update on the Northern Manhattan Collaborative’ Public Sites for the Public Good development roadmap (15 mins)

c. Presentation on 1516 Park Avenue FRESH Food application (15 mins.)

This application was submitted to the NYC Department of City Planning on March 27, 2019. The community is provided 45 days from the date of submission to review and submit comment to DCP on a FRESH Food application.

4. New Business
5. Old Business

a. Revision of CB11 Affordability Guidelines
b. Revised of CB11 City Properties Checklist
c. Continuing discussion on District Needs and Budget Requests
d. Committee attendance

6. Announcements
7. Adjournment