Land Use, Landmarks & Planning

1. Call to Order – Adoption of Agenda

2. Informational Updates

3. Presentations & Discussions

a. Presentation of application to the Board of Standards & Appeals for a zoning variance to facilitate a 9,808 sf enlargement of the Reece School located at 25-27 East 104th Street

b. Review of land use applications, 190158ZMM and 190156ZRM, related to the Terence Cardinal Cooke Rezoning

This is a private application by ArchCare and co-applicant Carlos Diaz requesting (1) a zoning map change and (2) the mapping of a Mandatory Inclusionary Housing (MIH) area on the site to facilitate the construction of a new 33-story residential building, a new supportive housing building, a new medical facility, and the consolidation of Terence Cardinal Cooke’s operations into a renovated and modernized building.

The 60-day community board review period for this appliction is April 17-June 17, 2019.

4. New Business

5. Old Business

a. Revision of CB11 Affordability Guidelines
b. Revised of CB11 City Properties Checklist
c. Continuing discussion on District Needs and Budget Requests
d. Committee attendance

6. Announcements

7. Adjournment