Public Safety & Transportation

1. Call to Order – Adoption of Agenda

2. Informational updates (20 mins)

b. Community Council meeting reports
c. MTA Police Department
d. District Attorney’s office
e. Department of Transportation

3. Presentation & Discussions

a. Department of Transportation Bike Share Workshop Follow-up (15 minutes)

b. Fiscal Year 2021 Preliminary Budget Review (15 minutes)

c. Committee discussion re: DRAFT Where We Live Plan (10 minutes)

d. Committee discussion re: committee mission and goals (15 minutes)

4. Old Business

a. Street Renaming Request in honor of Ann Petry Place (5 minutes)

b. Street Renaming Request in honor of Giuseppina ‘Josie’ Santo Way (5 minutes)

5. New Business

a. Street Renaming Request Process Changes (5 minutes)

6. Announcements

a. FairfaresNYC FFNYC is opened for low-income New Yorkers. The Manhattan FFNYC office is located at 413 East 120th Street on the 2nd floor. The office is open Monday through Friday from 8 AM until 7 PM, except legal holidays.

7. Adjournment