Generally meets on the 3rd Thursday of the month at 6:30 pm. Meeting time and location subject to change. Please refer to our calendar.

The Executive Committee is comprised of the elected officers and appointed committee chairs of the community board.

Community Board 11 Sponsorship Request Form 11-7-2018

Committee members:

Elected Officers
Nilsa Orama – Chair
Xavier Santiago – Vice Chair
Denilyn Arciaga – Secretary
Judith Febbraro – Assistant Secretary
Jason Villanueva – Treasurer

Committee Chairs
Jose Altamirano – Public Safety & Transportation
Adem Brija – Licenses & Permits
Melanee Farrah – Economic Development, Culture & Tourism
David Giordano – Youth & Education
vacant – Human Services
Jason Villanueva – District Needs & Budget Review
Jeremiah Schlotman – Housing
Jessica Elliott – Environment, Open Space & Parks
vacant – Office Oversight
Steven Villanueva – Land Use, Landmarks & Planning