Firefighter Exam Filing Now Open!

The application to become a New York City firefighter is now open!

From April 5 to April 25, 2017 New Yorkers between the ages of 17 ½ to 28 years old can file for the civil service exam to become a New York City Firefighter.

The application period for Firefighter only comes once every 4 to 5 years.

For more information on how to apply for firefighter, go to, follow #JoinFDNY, @JoinFDNY, and text JoinFDNY to 313131.

Application fee: $30.00

If you file online and pay the application fee with a credit/debit/gift card, you will be charged a convenience fee of 2.49% of the payment amount. This fee is nonrefundable.
If you file at a DCAS Computer-Based Testing & Applications Center and pay with a money order, there is no convenience fee.

Candidates who demonstrate that they are unemployed or receiving public assistance are entitled to a waiver of the application fee.

Test dates: Administration of the computer-based test will begin in early September 2017. By July 31, 2017, you should receive an Admission Notice in the mail assigning you to a test date and time at a testing center in the New York City area. Subject to availability of open dates and locations, you will be able to reschedule your test date to another date within the testing period and/or to select a different testing center after you receive your Admission Notice. Instructions for rescheduling your test date, time or location will be included in the Admission Notice.

Read full Notice of Examination HERE.


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