How Do I Get Involved?

JOIN our mailing list to receive email updates about happenings at the Board and in the community.

REPORT a service complaint or request for service to the Board Office.

ATTEND a meeting of the Community Board. Visit our calendar for the date, time and location of our monthly Full Board and committee meetings. All community board meetings are open to the public.

BECOME a public member of a CB11 committee. CB11 takes applications from non-Board Members who are interested in serving on CB11’s standing committees. It is suggested that you attend one or more meetings prior to requesting membership in order to learn firsthand how the committee function and the issues they routinely discuss. If you are interested in applying to become a public member, please complete a Public Membership application.

APPLY to become a member of the Community Board. Many non-Board Members who join committees eventually are interested in applying for Board membership. You may do so by either contacting the Manhattan Borough President’s Office at 212-669-8300, or by contacting your local Council Member. Visit the Manhattan Borough President’s website to get more information about how and when to apply.