Land Use, Landmarks & Planning

Meets on the 1st Wednesday of the month at 6:30 p.m.

Through careful review and mindful deliberation, the Land Use, Landmarks & Planning committee works to ensure that all proposed development and rehabilitation projects, as well as planning efforts, are responsive to the needs of our community for quality affordable housing and local hiring, including utilizing local professional consultants, contractors, suppliers, and vendors. And further that these projects include quality of life improvements, green/sustainable and contextual design elements, and foster the creation and/or preservation of open space.

The committee reviews and guides matters of land use and development requiring public review including, but not limited to, applications for:

Letters of Support  

Applicants requesting letters of support from CB11 for their development project, site-control of city-owned sites, zoning changes and/or zoning variances must submit a completed City Properties & Zoning Checklist in order for their request to be entertained by the Landmarks, Land Use & Planning Committee.

When scheduled to present to the committee, the applicant must provide printed copies of the completed Checklist and supporting materials, as well as any presentation materials, for each of the committee members.

The following board members serve on this committee:

Denilyn Arciaga
Jessica Elliott
Melanee Farrah
Joseph Goldbloom
La Shawn Henry
Frances Mastrota
Jessica Morris
Xiomara Pedraza – Vice-Chair
Robert Perkins
Vincent Torres
Steven Villanueva – Chair
Candy Vives-Vasquez
Jonathan Winstone

Angel Mescain (staff liaison)