Lexington Gardens II

Lexington Gardens II is a proposed mixed-use development project to be constructed on the block (#1635) bound by 108th Street, 107th Street, Park Avenue and Lexington Avenue.

The development would include 411,725 square feet of floor area, of which 370,470 sf are residential (390 units); 38,053 sf are community facility and 3,201 sf are commercial.

Lexington Gardens II Apartments (the “Project”) will be a new mixed‐use development that will encompass nearly the entire city block bound by Lexington Avenue, Park
Avenue, 107th Street, and 108th Street.

The Project will replace existing surface parking lots owned partly by the NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development (“HPD”) and partly by Tahl Propp Equities (“TPE”). HPD
utilizes its portion of the site as parking for approximately 88 HPD and NYPD vehicles. TPE’s portion of the site has historically been used to provide parking to residents of its existing 108‐unit
Section 8 building that is also on the block. Currently, a minimum of 25 spaces are required pursuant to the building’s certificate of occupancy and lender, HUD. The Project will include a two
level parking garage for up to 56 vehicles, of which 31 spaces will be allocated to the City as partial replacement for its existing parking and 25 spaces will be allocated to satisfy the requirements of
the existing building.

To facilitate the proposed development, the applicant requests the following land use actions:

a. Zoning Map Amendments to change existing C8-4, R7-2, and R7-2/C1-5 districts
to a R9/C2-4 district;

b. Urban Development Action Area Project (“UDAAP”) designation and project
approval for Block 1635, Lot 1 and approval of the disposition of City-owned
property for Lot 1 (the “Disposition Area”);

c. Special Permits pursuant to Section 74-743 of the Zoning Resolution to allow,
within a Large Scale General Development, the location of a building without
regard for height and setback regulations, including street wall location regulations,
in connection with the Proposed Development;

d. Special Permit pursuant to Section 74-532 of the Zoning Resolution to allow, within
a Large Scale General Development in the transit zone seeking a bulk modification,
a waiver of required accessory residential off-street parking spaces for a new
building and previously required spaces for an existing building on the zoning lot;

e. Zoning Text Amendment to Appendix F of the Zoning Resolution to apply the
Mandatory Inclusionary Housing (“MIH”) program and designate the Project Area
as a Mandatory Inclusionary Housing Area (“MIHA”).

On June 6, 2016, the applications for these land use actions were certified as complete by the Department of City Planning.

The community board review period for these certified applications began on June 15, 2016 and must be completed by August 15, 2016.

** Community Board 11 held a public hearing on these land use applications during is Full Board meeting on July 19, 2016. **


Land use application

Community Board Recommendation

Borough President Recommendation

Local Hiring Plan

Community Preference Plan


June 8, 2016
April 13, 2016