Member Resources

The following documents provide useful information for community board members including governing procedures and codes of conduct.

Bylaws of Community Board 11 of Manhattan

Statement of Due Process Procedures

Handbook for Community Board Members
An introduction to Community Boards, and their place in City government and responsibilities. Also included are the responsibilities of the District Manager and the District Service Cabinet. The appendices, listed here separately, include relevant sections of the City Charter and other useful information for Board members.

Handbook Appendix E: Conflicts of Interest

Manual for Participation in the Budget Process

Guide to Parliamentary Procedure
A basic introduction to parliamentary procedure as it applies to Community Boards, applicable to both Board Meetings and to board committee meetings.

New York City Organizational Chart

“Fair Share” Criteria: A Guide for City Agencies
“In accordance with the Charter, the City Planning Commission adopted the Criteria for the Location of City Facilities, which have been in effect since July 1, 1991….commonly know as the ‘Fair Share Criteria’ because they attempt to foster an equitable distribution of public facilities throughout the city…by encouraging community consultation and by establishing a set of considerations that must be taken into account by city agencies when they select sites for new facilities or substantially change existing facilities”.

Find Your Elected Officials
Click the link above to visit the New York State Board of Elections website and find your representatives.