MTA NYC Transit Contract E-31705 – Flood Mitigation at 17 Fan Plants and Adjacent Tunnels in the Borough of Manhattan

MTA NYC Transit Contract E-31705 – Flood Mitigation at 17 Fan Plants and Adjacent Tunnels in the Boroughs of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx and Queens

In response to the extensive damage to the NYC Transit system caused by Hurricane Sandy, MTA NYC Transit is implementing various flood mitigation measures in Manhattan flood zones to prevent flood waters from entering the system in the future. Some of these measures include installation of flood doors, watertight hatches, and in the area of Lexington Avenue between 130th and 131st Streets, NYC Transit will install mechanical closure devices into the openings of existing ventilation grating to protect critical sub-surface infrastructure.

NYC Transit maintains a fan plant located at Lexington Avenue and 131st Street, which is one of many important facilities intended to safeguard passengers in emergency situations. Above this fan plant, there are 4 ventilation batteries, 2 on each side of the street, that are used to provide emergency ventilation in and out of the system.

It is important that NYC Transit implement this critical flood mitigation measure while keeping the fan plant operational. In order to accomplish this during construction, one battery will be blocked off completely with a work platform installed to facilitate the work and to protect any construction debris from entering the fan plant. The other three batteries will need to remain completely open, with no grates to compensate for the surface area that’s taken up by a work platform and to provide enough airflow for the operation of the fan.

Keeping the batteries completely open requires us to surround them with barricades, to protect the public. Up to eighteen parking spaces will be impacted during this project.

The work is scheduled to begin on December 1, 2017 and be completed by January 31, 2018.

A copy of project site plan can be download here.

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