National Black Theatre

On June 5, 2017, the above-listed application was certified as complete by the Department of City Planning. The period for community board review begins June 14, 2017 and must be completed by August 14, 2017.

The Proposed Building contains 203,128 square feet of floor area (11.96 FAR), including 148,827 (8.76 FAR) for residential use, 24,951 (1.47 FAR) for retail use, and 26,900 (1.58 FAR)
for the NBT. The proposed 20-story, 245 foot tall building has an 85 foot tall base and 15 foot setbacks along 126th Street, and 10 foot setbacks along Fifth Avenue and 125th Street.

The cellar contains retail use and storage and the ground floor includes the primary NBT lobby facing Fifth Avenue, retail entrances on all three street frontages, and a residential entrance
on 126th Street. The second floor is devoted to approximately 16,000 square feet of retail. The NBT occupies the third and fourth floors, including a double-height theater in the round, a black
box theater, classrooms and offices. Two hundred forty residential units are located on the fifth through twentieth floors.

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Calendar of Events

June 5, 2017
CB11 Review period begins

July 12, 2017
Public Hearing

July 18, 2017
Land Use, Landmarks & Planning Committee

August 9, 2017
Full Board – Public Hearing & Vote

August 14, 2017
CB11 Review period ends