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East Harlem Rezoning Initiative


Community Board 11 has an important role in initiating and reviewing planning, land use and zoning matters in East Harlem and has recognized the need for improved and up-to-date zoning in the area between Madison and Lexington Avenues and 115th and 132nd Streets (excluding the 125th Street corridor) that has not been rezoned since 1961.




Recognizing the need to plan for the future of our community, Community Board 11’s Zoning Task Force and City Properties & Land Use Committee have been working with CIVITAS, a non-profit organization, to bring in better zoning. Community Board 11 and CIVITAS have worked together on multiple rezonings over three decades.  


Through thier work together in the current rezoning initiative, the following key goals have been identified for new zoning in East Harlem:

  • Plan for economic opportunities on vacant lots, including the Park Avenue corridor
  • Create opportunities for affordable housing 
  • Encourage appropriate height limits, uses, density and zoning in mid-blocks and on avenues 

CIVITAS has brought in the professional expertise of Insight Associates and George M. Janes & Associates to help develop recommendations for the rezoning.


We encourage all community members and stakeholders to visit our East Harlem Rezoning page to learn more about the rezoning process and how to become involved.






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