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Effective February 1, 2013, the Parks and Recreation Committee was renamed the Environement, Open Space & Parks Committee.


Please visit the Environment, Open Space & Parks Committee page for information on meeting dates and minutes.   





Parks & Recreation Information & Resources

Randall's Island Park Alliance


Randall’s Island Park Alliance Mission Statement:


The Randall’s Island Park Alliance (RIPA) was founded in 1992 as a public-private partnership with the City of New York/Parks & Recreation. The Foundation, in conjunction with our local Community Boards and City leadership, works to realize the Island’s unique potential by developing sports and recreational facilities, restoring its vast natural environment, reclaiming and maintaining parkland, and sponsoring free community-linked sports and nature programs for the children of New York City. We plan to secure the Park’s future by balancing programmatic, operational and capital expenses with revenue generated by Island development, public commitments and private philanthropy.

For information on the Randall’s Island Park Alliance, please visit-


Randall's Island Park Alliance Annual Review 2012 


For any questions, please contact- Community Outreach Coordinator: Cynthaly Pinckney - 


Partnership For Parks:


Get Involved in Your Parks!!


Partnership for Parks Mission Statement:


Partnerships for Parks helps New Yorkers work together to make neighborhood parks thrive.We strengthen our diverse, growing network of dedicated park volunteers and groups by creating opportunities for them to celebrate their parks and accomplishments, access resources, become more effective leaders in their communities, and work with government to affect decisions about their parks.


If you are a resident of East Harlem who would like to be involved in helping your local park to be a clean, green, safe, and enjoyable place for you and your community, please contact your Outreach Coordinator: Danica Doroski (212)408.0282 or






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