Message from the Chair




Message from the Chair


East Harlem is a vibrant community with a deep history and rich cultural diversity. It has fostered the growth of many generations of families, but there are still challenges that must be addressed. We must work to make sure our youth have access to the best educational experiences, our families are provided the necessary affordable housing and living wage jobs are available to our workforce and those trying to enter the workforce.


As a 3rd generation child of East Harlem it is with great honor that I have been afforded the opportunity to serve my community in this capacity and will work to make sure the Community Board serves the community at the highest level.


I encourage you to join us at committee and full board meetings to make sure your concerns are addressed. And please utilize our office and website to get the latest information on what the Community Board is working on.


As we continue to work together, we will make a difference now and for the lives of the generations to come.




Matthew S. Washington


Community Board 11




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