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Statement of District Needs



As our neighborhood continues to grow, it is important to assess the needs of the people, schools, hospitals, museums, parks, community centers and all of the elements that are a part of our great community. With those things in mind, Community Board 11 puts together an annual Statement of District Needs that is submitted to the Mayor's Office in order to identify what our community wants city agencies to consider as they develop their budgets. The Statement of District Needs also guides local community based organizations in their efforts to secure resources that address the identified needs. Please click here to download our Statement of District Needs.



Manhattan Community Board 11

US Census Data


While every 10 years the United States conducts a full Census of our country's population, the American Community Survey is conducted every year by the US Census Bureau and is a nationwide survey designed to provide communities a fresh look at how they are changing.  Click here to view demographiceconomichousing and social data available from 2010-2012 American Community Survey for Public Use Microdata Area 3804 which almost exactly mirrors Community Board 11's boundaries. 



Manhattan Community Board 11

Planning Assessment 


At the request of Community Board 11, the Urban Technical Assistance Project conducted a planning assessment and analysis to help delineate key issues to be addressed in a strategic planning process (click here to download the full report). This planning assessment was conducted for Community District 11, bounded by 96th Street to the south, 142nd Street to the north, Fifth Avenue to the west, and the East and Harlem Rivers to the east, including Randall’s and Ward’s Islands. This report also provides detail data on the current economic conditions of the four major commercial corridors (Third Avenue, 125th Street, 116th Street, and 106th Street).


This report contains the following five sections:

• A comprehensive demographic profile, including trend and comparative analysis;

• An inventory and mappings of physical characteristics, including land use, zoning, ownership, and financial status;

• An inventory and mapping of educational, social, and health services;

• Identification of commercial establishments on four major commercial establishments and an expenditure potential analysis; and

• An evaluation guided by the data captured in the sections above that puts forward issues and opportunities that lead to recommendations for future revitalization of Community District 11.



Community Based Organizations in East Harlem


For your convinience we have compiled a list of local organizations providing serving the East Harlem community. Among the listed organizations are local non-profits offering housing and legal services, faith-based organizations, and multi-service organziations. Please click Community Based Organizations in East Harlem to view the list. 






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