Mt. Sinai Zoning Variance

Mt. Sinai Plans

The revised plans are available in the Board Office for review (Also Attached)

*Manhattan Community Board 11 has voted to reject the Mt. Sinai BSA Variance.


For more information on the project please call the Board Office at (212) 831-8929/30




Decision Date


Manhattan Community Board 11 is waiting to hear when a decision will be made. The last date was defered due to new information being presented from the Department of Environmental Protection.


Previous Meetings


Manhattan Community Board 11 will be having a special full board meeting to vote on the Mt. Sinai BSA Variance on Tuesday, April 29th, 2008 @ 6:30PM - Bonifacio Seniors Home - 7 East 116th Street (Between Fifth & Madison Aves)




Board of Standards Appeal Variance for Mt. Sinai Hospital


May 6, 2008 - 1:30 PM

40 Rector Street

9th Floor Conference Room

New York, NY 10006


Gordon J. Davis c/o Dewey & LeBoeuf


3 East 101st Street, Manhattan


Variance (§72-21) to permit the construction of an 11-story, 269,000 square foot Center for Science and Medicine at the
Mount Sinai Medical Center. The proposal is contrary to height, setbacks,

and sky exposure plane for community facility use (§24-522), community facility lot coverage (§24-11), and community facility tower coverage (§24-54). R9 zoning district.

Mt. Sinai As-of-Right Scenarios.PDF1.19 MB


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