Zoning for Coastal Flood Resiliency Text Amendment

Zoning for Coastal Flood Resiliency seeks to promote resilient buildings throughout the city’s
current and future floodplains.

Buildings in the flood zone need to be designed or retrofitted to reduce damage from future
flood events and save on insurance costs. For this to happen, zoning needs to allow homeowners,
business owners, and builders workable options for their buildings. Based on the Department of
City Planning (DCP)’s experience working with communities throughout the floodplain since
Hurricane Sandy in 2012, DCP has drafted a proposal to make zoning more supportive of resilient
buildings. This proposal is expected to begin the public land use review process in 2020. More
information about this effort can be found in the Zoning for Coastal Flood Resiliency
document, located at nyc.gov/zcfr.

This proposal entered public review on October 19, 2020. This launches the seven-month public review process starts the clock for ZCFR, as well as the three neighborhood-specific actions. ZCFR will go to all 59 Community Boards for review, followed by the five Borough Presidents and Borough Boards. The three neighborhood-specific actions will only go before their respective local Community Boards and Borough Presidents. ZCFR and the three local actions will then go to the City Planning Commission for a public hearing and vote, followed by the City Council.

You can find a full summary of the preliminary recommendations  here, a one-page overview here, and even more information about this work and previous engagement at this link.

Land Use Application N 210095 ZRY (Zoning for Coastal Flood Resiliency text amendment) was referred to community boards on October 23, 2020 and they will have 60 days to review and submit comments to City Planning.

Please see application materials here: https://nycdcp.box.com/s/xbkvlfazkymsexjc4xqwgu26rpb298mf


DCP presentation to Land Use, Landmarks & Planning Committee on December 9, 2020

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