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Proudly Serving East Harlem

Welcome to Community Board 11!

East Harlem is a dynamic and proud community that possesses a deeply rich, mosaic culture and history. From our cultural institutions to our many parks, you will find murals and memories honoring those whose very shoulders we stand on – a community where we know and care for our neighbors. Yet, we are also a neighborhood where some basic family and individual needs remain unmet. Community Board 11 continually works to ensure the residents have access to quality education, living-wage employment, affordable housing and much more.

Here you will find resources pertaining to our committees’ work, events throughout the community, and the myriad of issues our community faces. Whether your needs pertain to housing, health services, our parks, public safety, or economic development, we address them on a daily basis. Currently, we are operating in the virtual environment as we continue the fight against Covid-19. Please register to join us at our monthly meetings by visiting our calendar page. We hope you find this information helpful as a local resident of our beloved East Harlem.

But what is a Community Board?

A Community Board is comprised of 50 dedicated individuals from all walks of life, but with one singular theme: our deep love for this community and an unparalleled dedication to public service. We are a team of legal experts, nonprofit leaders, activists, business owners, veterans who have served our country, and everyday community residents. Ranging from ages 16 to 80, these leaders represent the breadth of thought, experience, and values needed to advocate on behalf of such a diverse community. Our Board is supported by a team of three staff members who bring great expertise and selfless commitment to the committees they work with.

The impact of the board can be seen the most at the block level but our advocacy and work have generated programs that impacted the country. From our budget requests to interagency coordinated efforts, Community Board 11 brings the neighborhood to the forefront. Whether working with our neighbors, businesses and nonprofits to create an Open Street program or advocating for affordable housing during the ULURP process such as the Sendero Verde project, the work on behalf of the community never ceases. It’s even through advocacy that started within CB11 that Costco Wholesale started to accept EBT payments at all of its stores for all families who qualify for SNAP benefits.

With roots extending back several generations between East Harlem and the South Bronx, the vibrancy of our culture, people and history fills me with great pride. Over 120,000 people call this neighborhood home and I am filled with pride to raise my family here. From Marx Brothers Playground to Marcus Garvey Park, from 96th Street to 142nd Street, our community district is the home of small, beautiful community gardens and local businesses, murals, museums, playgrounds and Randalls & Wards Islands. Our mission is to ensure all constituent voices are adequately heard, equally represented, and armed with the information necessary to become effective advocates to uplift our community. It is incumbent upon all of us to participate in the civic processes taking place throughout our neighborhood, and it is a privilege to serve you all in this venture through my role as Chair.

Be sure to join our email list to get regular updates on events throughout the district or resources to assist with your needs! We look forward to seeing you at our one of our meetings. If you are in need of assistance or just want to stop by and say hello, please feel free to come by our Community Board office located at 1664 Park Avenue (between 117th and 118th Streets) Monday through Friday from 12-4pm; call (212) 831-8929, or email us at We will help you in any way we can and sí, hablamos español!

Please be sure to check back periodically for any updates.

Yours in service,

Xavier A. Santiago