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Board Member Resources

Bylaws of Community Board 11 – sets out the rules and responsibilities for our board and its members.
Statement of Due Process Procedures – the Bylaws of CB11 set forth the process by which a member may be removed from membership.
Board Member Reference Guide – this comprehensive document contains information about our board, its functions and operations as well as its policies and procedures. Board membership requires an understanding of each of these to ensure we are operating in compliance with the law and our guiding principles.
Committee Chair Responsibilities – details the role and responsibilities of being a committee chair with CB11. Committee chairs and vice-chairs are appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the Board Chair.
How to Draft Minutes – each Committee is responsible for drafting the minutes of each of its meetings. It is important that minutes be an accurate account of the business that occurred at a meeting. Members can use this template for drafting meeting minutes, which is designed in a way that minutes can be taken accurately but also concisely.
How to Draft Resolutions  – CB11 speaks through its resolutions, so it is important that they be clearly written and uniformly formatted. This resolution style sheet/template offers some formatting tips.
Annual Statement of District Needs & Budget Process – provides an overview of the City’s annual budget process, outlines the role of community boards in the budget process, and establishes a timeline specific to CB11. Additionally, this document sets a standard procedure for CB11’s involvement in the budget process, detailing the roles of the District Needs & Budget Committee, office staff, Executive Committee, and other board committees each month.
Board Member Team Drive – shared drive and collaboration tool for board members and committees. Access to this drive is restricted to CB11 board members.
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