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Land Use, Landmarks & Development

Many actions requiring public review are referred to the corresponding Community Board for comment. This notice is intended to give local residents an opportunity to participate in reviewing applications that may impact their neighborhoods.

At CB11, the Land Use, Landmarks & Planning Committee is responsible for evaluating and coordinating recommendations for actions subject to public review. For a detailed explanation of each please read our Land Use, Landmarks & Zoning Review Information Sheet.

The committee also reviews all proposed development projects, including residential projects. The committee may coordinate its review with other board committees depending on the application/project being considered. Post-development, further oversight is managed by other committees (i.e. Housing, Economic Development & Culture), as relevant.

Steps in the Land Use, Landmarks & Development Review Process

Notification of Application/Proposal
All applicants must provide written notification regarding their application/proposal via mail to the board office and/or District Manager.

Required Documentation
Upon receipt of notification, CB11 will contact the applicant with instructions on next steps including the submission of documentation as required to comply with CB11’s Land Use and Planning Questionnaire. LPC applicants will be instructed to submit a copy of their application, including docket number, and drawings.

NOTE: All application materials are considered to be entered into the Public Record upon submission. If any elements of your application need to remain confidential for security reasons, please clearly indicate this in your submission. NOTE: any materials submitted to a New York City government office may be subject to public disclosure via FOIL request.

Committee Review
The Land, Use, Landmarks & Planning Committee will review the application, proposal, questionnaire, and any comments sent to the board office from the community.

The board staff will coordinate with the applicant regarding any required appearances or presentations during committee meetings, public hearings, or Full Board meetings.

Committee Meeting
At the meeting, the applicant will be asked to walk the committee through their application/proposal and address questions.

All community board meetings are open to the public, per the NY State Open Meetings Law. District residents are notified of public reviews in advance of any meeting, and all impacted residents are encouraged to attend, ask questions, and share concerns or requests before the committee votes on a recommendation.

Board Resolution
At the conclusion of its review, the Land Use, Landmarks & Planning Committee will vote to recommend support or opposition.

The committee’s recommendation is then presented for a vote at the next monthly Full Board meeting to ratify the Board’s position.

Once determined, the Board’s position will be sent, in writing, to the corresponding agency(s) and the applicant.