NYC DHS Code Blue Outreach Notification

NYC Emergency Management Watch Command has issued a Cold Weather Alert (Code Blue) on 2/27/19.

This alert occurs when the temperature drops to 32⁰ F or below, including wind-chill.

DHS Code Blue Outreach is in effect from 4:00 PM 3/12/2019, until 8:00 AM 3/13/2019 and will result in the activation of the following DHS Code Blue Procedure.

  •  A Code Blue Weather Emergency notice is issued when the temperature drops to 32 degrees Fahrenheit or less between 4 p.m. and 8 a.m., including National Weather Service calculations for wind chill values.  No one who is reasonably believed to be homeless and seeking shelter in New York City during a Code Blue will be denied. Should you see an individual who appears to be homeless and in need out in the cold, please call 311 and an outreach team will be dispatched to offer assistance.
  • During Code Blue we focus on helping our most vulnerable neighbors—people currently residing on the streets—by redoubling our efforts citywide—and that includes doubling the size of our outreach teams, making regular, repeated contact with individuals on the streets to offer supports and services, including shelter, and closely coordinating borough-level Code Blue efforts directly with sister City agencies, like NYPD, DSNY, and the Parks Department 24 hours a day during inclement weather, no matter what, to ensure we’re meeting all New Yorkers in need with resources where they are.
  • During Code Blue weather emergencies, we work 24/7 to connect homeless New Yorkers with the following resources:
  • Shelters: During a Code Blue, shelter is available system-wide to accommodate anyone who is reasonably believed to be homeless and is brought to a shelter by outreach teams. Accommodations are also available for walk-ins. During a Code Blue period, families found eligible for shelter are not expected to transition from their conditional placement into their official shelter placement until the following day.
  • Drop-in centers: All drop-in centers are open 24-hours per day, including when Code Blue procedures are in effect, and will assist as many people as possible for the duration of the emergency. Drop-in staff and the dedicated outreach teams they work closely with each and every day can also make arrangements for homeless individuals at other citywide facilities, including shelters, safe havens, and stabilization beds.
  • Safe havens and stabilization beds: Chronically homeless individuals may be transported directly to these low-threshold housing options.
  • Street homeless outreach: Teams will contact vulnerable individuals on their Code Blue Priority Lists a minimum of once every four (4) hours beginning at 8 p.m. during Code Blue Alerts and once every two (2) hours beginning at 8 p.m. for Enhanced Code Blue Alerts to encourage them to accept services, including transport to a safe place and a shelter placement. DHS coordinates borough-level Code Blue efforts directly with partner City agencies, including but not limited to NYPD, DSNY, and the Parks Department.
  • Code Blue periods last from 4pm to 8am, but when there are Code Blue periods on successive days, we maintain Code Blue street homeless outreach protocols in the interim daytime hours between 8am and 4pm. No one who is reasonably believed to be homeless and seeking shelter in New York City during a Code Blue will be denied.
  • And during Enhanced Code Blue, we increase frequency of contact with vulnerable clients, revisiting them at least every two hours to offer resources and encourage them to accept transport to a safe place—and as long as conditions remain extreme (i.e. wind chill is 20 or conditions are blizzard-like), we operate under Enhanced Code Blue protocols.
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