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NYC Redistricting

About the Districting Commission

Pursuant to Chapter 2-A of the New York City Charter, the Districting Commission is charged with the mission of redistricting the fifty-one City Council districts according to the 2020 Census and other criteria mandated by the New York City Charter.

The Districting Commission consists of fifteen members who reflect the geographic and ethnic diversity of New York City. Five of the Commissioners were appointed by the City Council’s Majority Caucus, three were appointed by the City Council’s Minority Caucus, and Mayor Adams appointed the remaining seven members.

After the Commission is constituted, Commission Members and their staff will begin meeting to review all relevant laws, regulations, and the Census data. After public hearings and meetings, the Commission will develop a final plan to submit to the City Council in advance of the 2023 elections.

View Chapter 2-A of the New York City Charter

NYC Districting Commissioner 101, A Primer

The Commission is responsible for drawing new City Council maps. The 16-page primer explains this process, from the U.S. Constitution to the U.S. Census, to the Charter of the City of New York.