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Street Activity Permits

The Citywide Street Activity Permit Office (SAPO) manages the permit process.

Steps in the Street Activity Permit Application Review Process

SAPO Review Process
Upon receipt of an application, SAPO will begin the review process and may contact the applicant for additional information. All components of an event are subject to approval by SAPO and may require approval by and/or permits from other City agencies. It is the responsibility of the applicant/sponsor to secure all necessary permits and provide documentation to SAPO prior to permit issuance.

After initial review, SAPO will contact necessary agencies, including the Community Board, for their recommendations. Upon feedback from City agencies, SAPO may require the applicant to modify the event, change the event date or location, or deny the event.

When all necessary information is received and the event is approved, the applicant will be issued a permit approximately two weeks prior to the event date (except for special events).

Community Board Review Process
All street permits applications will be reviewed by our Licenses & Permits Committee. To facilitate this review, applicants are required to comply with CB11’s Street Activity Permits Guidelines and Requirements.

Notification to Community Board
After its initial review, SAPO will contact necessary agencies, including the Community Board, for their recommendations on the proposed street activity.

Required Documentation
CB11 will then contact the applicant with instructions on next steps including the submission of required documentation as detailed in CB11’s Street Activity Permits Guidelines and Requirements. This documentation should be submitted via email to

NOTE: All application materials are considered to be entered into Public Record upon submission. If any elements of your application need to remain confidential for security reasons, please clearly indicate this in your submission email. However, any materials submitted to a New York City government office may be subject to public disclosure via FOIL request.

Committee Review
The committee will review the applicant’s application, supporting documentation, and any comments sent to the Board office from the community.

Committee Meeting
If the applicant is required to appear before the committee, the Board office will inform them of the next meeting. Once they confirm their attendance, they will be added to that meeting’s agenda.

At the meeting, the applicant will be asked to walk the committee through their application and may be asked questions or to consider certain changes to their proposed street activity.

All community board meetings are open to the public, per the NY State Open Meetings Law. District residents are notified of public reviews in advance of any meeting, and all impacted residents are encouraged to attend, ask questions, and share concerns or requests before the Committee votes on a recommendation.

Board Resolution
After concluding its review of the proposed street activity, the committee will then vote to support or oppose the proposal.

The committee’s recommended position is then presented for a vote at the next monthly Full Board meeting. Once the Full Board votes to ratify its position on the proposal, the Board office will submit the board’s position to SAPO and notify the applicant in writing.