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Street Co-Namings

New York City has a process to co-name streets in honor of individuals or entities whose contributions to society have had a lasting impact. Though the street retains its original name, a ceremonial co-naming may be added upon approval of the local Community Board, City Council, and Mayor. Streets located within the boundaries of Manhattan Community District 11 are considered for co-naming subject to the following criteria established by the Board.

Street co-namings require an act of legislation by the New York City Council. The first step is a public review at the Community District level. The proposal is first presented to a Committee in a public hearing which is open to all interested members of the public. The Committee may vote to pass a recommendation to the full Community Board, who may then vote to make a formal recommendation to the relevant City Council Member. City Council typically reviews street co-naming recommendations twice per year, in April and November.

All street co-naming requests will be reviewed by our Public Safety & Transportation Committee. The committee issues recommendations which are then subject to ratification by our Full Board.

To facilitate this review, applicants are required to comply with the following process and procedures.

Steps In Street Co-Naming Request Review Process

Written Request for Proposed Street Co-Naming
Sponsoring individual or organization submits their proposed street co-naming request in writing to Community Board 11 including the exact language of the proposed street co-naming (i.e. Tito Puente Way) and the exact location for the name change (i.e. corner of East 115 Street and Madison Avenue OR East 112th Street between First and Third Avenues). The request must also include the sponsor’s contact information including name, email, phone, and relationship to the nominee.

Email all items to the District Office at by January 20 for Spring Review, or by August 20 for Fall Review.

Required Documentation
The following documentation must be submitted along with the request: (1) a detailed biography of the individual the street co-naming would honor; (2) a petitions of support signed primarily by residents living in the immediate area of the proposed co-naming location; and (3) letters of support for the proposed street co-naming from local civic associations.

All required documents must be submitted to the Board Office for preliminary review at least thirty (30) days before the meeting of the Public Safety & Transportation Committee. Only requests
satisfying all the prerequisites of CB11’s Street Co-Naming Policies and Procedures will be entertained.

Committee Review
The Public Safety & Transportation Committee will review the request, supporting documentation and any comments sent to the Board office from the community.

Committee Meeting
The sponsor is required to appear before the Public Safety & Transportation Committee to present their request and discuss the merits of the proposed co-naming. The Board office will inform the sponsor of the date and time of the meeting.

NOTE: All community board meetings are open to the public, per the NY State Open Meetings Law. District residents are notified of public reviews in advance of any meeting, and all impacted residents are encouraged to attend, ask questions, and share concerns or requests before the Committee votes on a Recommendation.

Board Resolution
After concluding its review of the proposed co-naming, the committee will then vote to support or oppose the proposal.

The committee’s recommended position is then presented for a vote at the next monthly Full Board meeting. If the Full Board votes to support the proposal, a board office will issue a letter of support to the corresponding Council Member requesting that they carry the proposed street co-naming through the Council legislative process; a copy of the letter will also be sent to the sponsor.